5 Theme Parks You Should Visit At Least Once

Theme parks are often related to having a lot of fun, amazing attractions and spending days of quality time with your loved ones in general.

There are a lot of theme parks around the world but not all of them stand out. Here we’ll show you some of the best options that are out there, this market is very competitive and many parks keep improving themselves to be the best

Shanghai’s Happy Valley

This theme park chain is located in China but their greatest installation is in Shanghai.With at least 100 attractions and new ones always opening, there’s no way that you’ll be bored. It has seven themed zones with some incredible rollercoasters.

This is surely a park you need to visit at least once in your life.

Shenzhen’s Window Of The World

When you are visiting this location you won’t want to go anywhere else. The whole world can be seen in their installations.

This theme park is famous for its many recreations of the world’s most outstanding places like the Taj Mahal, the Egyptian pyramids and even the Eiffel Tower.This theme park is located in China but it has the world within its installations

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Nowadays Disney is one of the leaders in the theme park market. Some of the best attractions are located in Disney parks.

This wonderland is placed in the United States, Florida. Here you can enjoy some of the best movie-related rides like a Toy Story interactive one, keep in mind that here the adventure will never end

Disney California Adventure

And since we’re talking about Disney it’s important to mention one of its greatest themed parks. They have many resorts and attractions inspired in some of the most successful Disney movies, like Cars, a movie that inspired the Radiator Springs Racers that include ride systems with everyone’s favorite characters.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

This is one of the most notorious theme parks that Disney has, a sibling to Disneyland original park, but this one stands out for being larger and having more attractions.

Every Disney lover looks forward to visiting this amazing fantasy land where everything is possible and bliss is can be found everywhere. The Magic Kingdom has many attractions that include roller coasters like the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Space Mountain, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and more! There is an attraction dedicated to cherishing the Disney classic The Little Mermaid called Under The Sea.

Walk around a magic land with a castle as its principal landscape, get to know all your favorite characters, they walk around and take pictures with tourists!

So these are some of the best theme parks in the world, be sure to write them down on your bucket list, because life is too short not to enjoy it, and the best way to do so is by getting to know amazing places that bring incredible experiences! Thus these theme parks are surely amazing places.