The Cruise Parade – Which Cruises are the Most Affordable?

When you think about the Caribbean Sea, the perfect vacations surely come to your mind, delicious food, entertaining music, beautiful sights and the smell of sea salt in the air what’s not to love about it? However, to explore it might seem difficult when you’re on a budget.

Well, we have a solution for this, here we’ll present to you some of the most affordable cruises there are that offer their many tour services in the Caribbean

How to choose what’s best


First of all, it’s important for you to know what you can afford, but don’t feel discouraged, low prices don’t have to mean low-quality! Cheaper cruise lines have all the services you need to enjoy your amazing tropical vacations.

Secondly, you have to keep in mind that each cruise line offers services for different publics. There are ones aimed at family type services, with many activities for families and young ones. There are romantic cruises popular among couples, you’ll be able to find out what affordable cruises suit you best!

Factors that affect the prices


The prices of the cruises will depend on many different factors, being one of the most relevant ones the date you choose, high seasons usually attract more people so prices tend to go up, but never too much.

Prices will change of course, with the number of nights you choose to stay and the quality of the service you ask for, even so, the prices of the cruises shown in this list are reasonable, and it’s totally worth to pay for such a remarkable experience.

Carnival Cruise Lines


One of the cheapest cruises lines is the Carnival Cruise Line, where its prices can go from 279 to 449 per person depending on the number of nights and the services.

They offer the Carnival Victory, which is a 4-night tour and the Carnival Glory which is a 7-night one. Both cruises leave from Miami, Florida ports and visit special locations like the Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas and Key West in Florida, both have a day at sea to enjoy the Caribbean beach life.

These cruises are often frequented by families, young people and those who adventure themselves into a cruise escapade for the first time. So if all this information catches your attention then make the decision! This is one of the best options in the market.

The MSC Cruises


These cruises are also very affordable, with a 7-night tour with prices that go from 499$ per person, this option doesn’t fail to attract those who want to spend some amazing vacations without hurting the wallet too much.

The cruise starts off in Miami Florida and visits many beaches, with three days at sea in different locations for you to enjoy the beach life at its fullest.

Besides being affordable and an exciting schedule, this cruise gives you the opportunity to get to know people from all around the world, among its 5,000 passengers you can find an international crowd with people from Europe, Canada or America. Not many families, but a lot of people to get to know!