Airline Tickets Too Costly? – 4 Low Cost Destinations to Choose From

It’s not a secret that in today’s economy being young and broke is something very common, so achieving the dream of traveling around the world might seem impossible, however, there’s an affordable way to travel and luckily for you, we have a list of the best places to do so.

These locations are the whole package, an incredible place to have an adventure in and all this at a reasonable price, check out the cheapest destinations to explore with a low budget and a need for adventure.

Spain’s Most Affordable City, Barcelona.

Spain is known for having an extended history with many monuments as a testimony of it, here you will always have something to see, from breathtaking architectural structures to the most interesting museums, there’s always something to do and the best part? This is one of the cheapest cities to travel to in Spain.

Budapest, Hungary’s Colorful Metropolis

If you by any chance are in Europe, visiting this destination is a must. Surround yourself with a colorful culture that will linger on your heart from the moment you’re there to the end of times, everyone who visits it falls in love with it.

There are plenty of locations to go to in Budapest like the Buda Castle that housed royalty back in the days, free entrance to museums, local attractions and more free services.

As you can see this touristic treasure is filled with many locations to go to which are also free, so don’t be afraid of having low budgets here, there are affordable hotels and places to stay in and free public transportation. The perfect destination if you are on a budget.

Bali’s Beautiful Landscapes In Indonesia.

This is one of the most popular destinations in the world and also one of the most affordable ones. Many exciting activities can be done in Bali, it has a lot of different affordable island attractions for your amusement (and your wallet).

Bali’s culture is rich, they cherish their Hindu culture through a series of festivals and celebrations where you can immerse yourself in without any cost, and while doing that you can also appreciate Bali’s unique landscapes!

Looking around and marvel yourself at these astonishing views is completely free! What you actually need to pay is the place you stay in, but there are quite a lot cheap but good hotels to stay in.

Get An Insight Into The Latin American Culture In Bogota, Colombia.

This capital city is one of the most colorful ones I have ever seen, here you’ll get to see beautiful facades and art in every corner, the streets are filled with color everywhere and the people will make you feel like this is your second home.

There is a variety of exciting places to visit in Bogota, like the MuseoBotero, the Monserrate mountain, the gold museum and more! And of course, it wouldn’t be on our list if it wasn’t inexpensive. Reasonable prices are a constant factor when you visit Bogota.