5 Tourist Attractions to Visit When Visiting the UK in 2018

Don’t miss out the opportunity to know all the places that you need to visit when you travel to the United Kingdom! Here we’ll show you five of the best locations that every tourist should know to have the British experience at its fullest.

Westminster Abbey


Get to know an astonishing historical location that has been part of the life of members of the monarchy, artists and more.

Here you’ll be in contact with the luxurious part of history. Almost ten centuries of history are held among these walls, including some of the earliest events, like famous weddings that involved characters like Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Flamingo Land Theme Park and Zoo, Yorkshire


If you and your family want to have some quality time doing fun activities this is the place for you, you’ll never be bored at this theme park which is also a zoo!

The zoo is filled with a vast number of species, it is home to zebras, camels, chimpanzees, tigers and lions, Brazilian tapirs and more exotic animals. It is also home to many beautiful birds, with the flamingoes standing out as the bird that gives the name to the park.

Their installations also offer fun attractions, among their major ones is a suspended flying coaster, there’s also live entertainment for people of all ages and a variety of restaurants to delight yourself.

The Stonehenge


Everyone has heard about this monument at least once in their lives, but this is not a surprise since the Stonehenge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This touristic location holds one of the biggest mysteries in human history, no one really knows how those huge stones were positioned in the way they are nowadays and what purpose did they have.

If you want to know why this is such a big deal, going there is the only way, so you can amaze yourself and wonder about our ancestors’ lives.

Windermere Boat Cruises, Bowness


If you love surrounding yourself with the gifts of nature, this spot is one you need to visit. The Lake Windermere has the most beautiful landscapes filled with all shades of blue and a peaceful atmosphere that will bring you nothing but joy.

There are many cruises that offer tours around the lake so you can take in all that beauty while enjoying all the services they offer.

St Paul’s Cathedral


Located in London, this is one of the most famous churches not only because of its astonishing architecture but also for being the host of many important events in recent history, including the wedding of the beloved Princess Diana and the funeral of one of the most important Prime Ministers in history, Winston Churchill.

You can admire its beautiful interior structure attending to the masses held several times a day. There are also guided tours and audio guides for you to learn everything about the history of this architectural masterpiece.